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Sky Above
Wet my brow with salt that drips to the crunch of boots,
Darkening the sky as I lay side-wards ‘n’ I see blobs pop up in the haze,
A dusty, blue-eyed scary face talks nonsense to my face.
An exultant crowd crows its symbol, a ribbon knots not to be undone,
Broken dolly clasped by my opened Dad as all goes ablaze in the sun.

In-depth Coverage
Jesus Christ in Hell - Allah feels unwell
As the gleeful presenter - Talks of price;
Of what next, his wet dream is another’s life mess.

Backward Christian Soldier
Cowboy coward sing a Texan song, the sunset trigger punctured
Ratt-tat bible bashed you boldly go in drugged-up bomb
Bogey-boogie shoot allies back for some good ole home cooked bone.

Tales from the News
Lucky me snuggled safe in my bed without the bombers concerto
If I a child had, tucked up in tender care; ears strain for the siren scare?
A little prayer for the ill prepared.
No more trust in God, Allah or the Man in the Moon,
A small thought for the unprepared.

The Drone
unseen it delivers satellite data streaming and the missile follows the line back down in war remote it is the end of the future the drone is a worker it is a sound of death

©Copyright Debra Fear 2006-2016