Debra Fear is a Masters graduate from the Royal College of Art and granddaughter of a fisherman from Northern Ireland.

The Plastics Collectors is a process-led project that evolved from seashore walks, creating work that highlights the plastics and other waste travelling on ocean currents and landing on seashores around the world.

These were picked up during the Spring of 2016 over a period of three months, tides and life allowing, off beaches on the Estoril coast of Portugal.

They could have been picked from any beach in the world: the most pristine of beaches and high sea water quality all share the same seas.

This is a global maritime disaster unfolding that directly affects not only marine life but ultimately us, not only from toxicity but affecting the blue economy e.g. coastal tourism that many countries are highly dependent on.

The project's supportive writing is currently in write-up where a dual narrative of parallel stories: one in the contemporary and one in the future/sci-fi presented itself. One where the problems of today are shown in a possible outcome.

All art works created using shore picked/floating at tidelines of mainly plastics and recycled into art.

Images describe:
  • A close-up of a session's worth of tideline finds.
  • The selection of useful rubbish - responsible discarding of the rest - a mapping of type.
  • Sorting out colour, size etc becomes an obsession with the ironic use of a 'beach party' beach towel.

All this junk/rubbish/waste is floating around our oceans and it's killing the marine life and probably going to kill us in the end.

OsPlasticos_Mapping Photo2

'The Plastics Collectors: Os Coletores de Plásticos’

OsPlasticos_Mapping Photo1

Beach Party, photo by Debra Fear